Exciting Times

They’re not always either good or bad.

The last several days have been a bit busy and exciting. First, my baby sister (Who has started a poetry blog which you should definitely check out. She has some talent, though she doesn’t have much up yet.) turned 18. This is pretty big for me. She always has been and always will be my baby sister, but she’s really not a baby anymore. Also, I think this means I’m officially old. Once the baby whose diapers you changed becomes officially an adult, I think you get to feel old. Continue reading


Finally read it!!

Today is Holloween, All Hollow’s Eve, or Samhain depending on your traditions. It is also the last day before the mighty plunge into NaNoWriMo. I racked my brain to figure out what an appropriate topic for today would be, considering that I neither read nor write horror if I can help it. Then it came to me. I ought to talk about Soulless! It’s about Vampires and Werewolves and other suitably Holloweenish creatures, so it makes perfect sense to gush about it today! Continue reading

Things Left Unsaid

For Grandma

No matter how expected a person’s passing is, there is always a hole left in the lives of the living. Things are left undone, words unsaid, lingering questions are unasked. Guilt that perhaps something more could or should have been done for the person while they still lived settles permanently in the corners of the souls of those closest to them. Continue reading

Guest Post: Dr. Maria and the One-Two Punch

I am delighted to bring you my first guest-blogger, Maria!

Writing is a tough life and it’s even harder when faced with fear and rejection.

From the moment we submit our work for appraisal, we are scolded and prodded and made to feel lower than amoeba. And don’t even get me started about what happens after you get published. Total strangers will come out of the woodworks to marginalize you and your work.

:sigh: Everybody’s a critic.

As I’ve come to terms with the life I’ve chosen, I’ve learned a few tricks to keep from falling into the well-known slumps all writers face. I’ve gotten so good at beating the blues, I’ve even given myself a doctorate in Punchology. Continue reading

So Many Ideas…

So little time. Or maybe talent.

Often where blogging is concerned, I have tons of ideas, generated every day. Yet, when it comes time to actually write out my post for the day, I find myself at a loss for what to write. I have half a dozen incomplete post drafts waiting my attention, and 3 or 4 more ideas jotted in my Magic Writing Notebook(TM) patiently awaiting being fleshed out into full drafts. Lately, the same thing has been happening with stories as well. I have at least half a dozen stories, both long and short fiction, which haven’t even been started. That isn’t even including the three unfinished projects which I have started. Continue reading

Day Jobs And Nanowrimo

And some other tid-bits too.

This past week I started my new job. It’s nothing exciting, just a temporary minimum wage job to keep us afloat while I search for something with an actual salary and benefits. It would be lovely to put my degree to some use as well. However, for now I’m just happy to have a regular paycheck. I’m also fairly happy with the work itself, which has a certain amount of downtime I can put to good use plotting and pondering stories. While the hours aren’t great, on the bright side that means my writing time will not be cut into too drastically (though my lazing-about-doing-nothing time will be practically non-existent from now on). Continue reading